They Are Beautiful

If any of you have daughters like I do, you know that the world they live in is tough, vicious even. They are constantly objectified and diminished, encouraged to only put effort in their outward appearance. If they are not careful, they may grow up feeling that their outer appearance is the only value that they have. As mothers, we want our daughters to know that they have value and importance beyond simply what they wear, what color their hair is, or what shade of lipstick brings out their best natural colors. We want them to know that they are capable of courage, strength, intelligence, and kindness. We want them to know that they do not have to be defined by other people's standards of beauty. We want them to know they are enough as they are. So, if you are a mother and you have a daughter, tell her she is beautiful for who she is and who she can become. Tell her you love her lovely outside but that she has value beyond that. Tell her that you see she can have an inner beauty that far outlasts anything the cosmetic or clothing designers try to decorate. You may think she already knows this, but chances are, she needs to hear it a thousand times before she even starts to believe it. Tell your daughters that THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL, inside and out!

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