Am I a binge eater?

People often say they are "binging" on something--whether chocolate, TV shows, movies, shopping, or just food in general. While we often say it in jest, some people really do have a disorder. Others maybe just over do it a little. If you would like to know if you have a Binge Eating Disorder, take the quiz below and follow directions to calculate a score!

  1. When I feel stressed or depressed, I eat large amounts of food without thinking about it.

  2. Most of the time

  3. Sometimes

  4. Rarely

  5. When I overeat, I always promise myself I will never do it again.

  6. Most of the time

  7. Sometimes

  8. Rarely

  9. When I start eating, I feel out of control and find it hard to stop eating.

  10. Most of the time

  11. Sometimes

  12. Rarely

  13. I tend to keep food hidden so others won’t find out how much I eat.

  14. Most of the time

  15. Sometimes

  16. Rarely

  17. I feel embarrassed about the amount of food I eat.

  18. Most of the time

  19. Sometimes

  20. Rarely

  21. When I feel urges to eat excessive amounts of food I don’t make healthy decisions about my food.

  22. Most of the time

  23. Sometimes

  24. Rarely

  25. I prefer to eat alone.

  26. Most of the time

  27. Sometimes

  28. Rarely

  29. When I’m upset or stressed, I want to eat even when I’m not hungry.

  30. Most of the time

  31. Sometimes

  32. Rarely

  33. When I binge I stop feeling negative emotions and feel numb.

  34. Most of the time

  35. Sometimes

  36. Rarely

  37. I think about food even when I’m not hungry.

  38. Most of the time

  39. Sometimes

  40. Rarely

Now tally up your score, giving yourself 1 point for every A answer, 2 points for every B, and 3 points for every C.

10-14 points: You are struggling with binge eating.

15-23 pints: You have binge-eating tendencies.

24-30 points: You're not a binge eater.

If you took the quiz and scored with having a binge eating disorder or tendencies, consider coming to see me! I have experience treating eating disorders and would love to help you! We can do this together.

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