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I personally would hope to think I am not, but after watching a segment on CBS Sunday Morning, I had to consider this quesiton to a greater degree, especially because of my age. Millenials, those people born from the early 1980's to the early 2000's, have many assets, especially confidence; but this confidence has often burgeoned into narcisissism. They feel superior, entitled, and self-abosorbed. What has fueled this? Well, technology could be part of it, all those selfies, the need for "likes" on Facebook, the constant advertisements that "it's all about you?" How about those soccer games where every kid gets a trophy just for participating? The show's segment pointed out how often millenials expect to earn extreme success just for doing the bare minimum of their jobs, nothing more. They believe job promotions should come easily and that praise is a given and desperately needed to fulfill the instant gratification. These traits of millenials become more profound because we millenials now make up the largest part of the work force. How will that influence our society, our future? While confidence is a good thing, humility is critical. Humility keeps one grounded with a healthier view of self. It's not that we as individuals do not matter, but we have just as much worth as our fellow man. That humility also fuels compassion, and true compassion fuels action to make this world a better place, a world that is not just about us. So why do we think we are the only one with needs or that we are the only ones with valuable treasures to offer the world? In a word: narcissism. Even if you aren't a full-blown narcissist, perhaps there are traits. We all have moments of narcissism, sure, but we may need to ask ourselves if there is any room for humility and compassion in our hearts instead.

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