Jenny Currie, LPCC Ohio; LPC Connecticut

Licensed Professional Counselor

Life is hard and sometimes people need a helping hand along the way.  Looking for ways to best support people in need, Jenny Currie obtained a degree in professional counseling from Liberty University and a short time later acquired her LPC, license of professional counseling, from Connecticut in 2015 and her LPCC from Ohio in 2020.  Jenny gained valuable experience in residential treatment facilities while working with substance abuse, mental illness, and eating disorders for both adults and adolescents.  


In addition, she has experience in regular and special education as a teacher, working with students of all ages and  challenges, especially those on the Autism spectrum.  Her work in private practice has combined all of these experiences to bring a broad perspective to therapy.  Often, people desire to make better choices and live better lives but cannot seem to break the old habits that bind them, or they cannot find ways to handle relationships.  Jenny is excited to help others use practical tools in a client-centered way to change their lives. 


She is also passionate about incorporating faith to the process with those who are open.  If the client is open, she does this from a Christian worldview.  She believes that at times people's lives are unmanageable and in need of a higher power.  While her personal faith influences her perspective, she respects that not everyone shares this same set of beliefs and would not incorporate them if someone did not desire to.  Her experiences have shown her that anyone can be helped by the basic principles of love and honesty.