Coach Kent Currie

Thanks for stopping in.  Have you have felt in a rut, struggling to get motivated or to follow through with your goals?   I'd love the opportunity to come alongside to encourage, inspire, and help motivate you to reach your full potential.  I'll be your greatest cheerleader and together we'll get you out of your rut to reach your wildest dreams.  

My Story

Kent Currie has over 15 years of coaching experience.  His passion is helping people to dream and set big goals, both personally and professionally, creating a network of support and going farther than they ever thought or imagined.  Kent's strength's are 1-on-1 listening, finding roadblocks, and creating a plan for success.   


Kent holds a life coach certification from the World Coach Institute.  He also has a ministry background with seminary training.  He and his wife Jenny live in Westerville, Ohio with their 3 kids.  

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Would love to connect with you to help on your journey